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Capt. Chas Stamm

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The Hudson River is home. Actually the Hudson and East Rivers around Manhattan Island.

These two rivers combine to create one of the finest fishing locations on the planet.

Striped Bass and Blues in New York Harbor!

Up River you will find the second largest spawning estuary on the east coast!

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This site will give you an idea of the great fishing that can be found in one of the most highly populated areas of the planet. 

New York City.

I have some other...more exotic location to show you as well.

Choose one of the links and take a look.  Chas  <'////><

Captain Chas Stamm

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain #1078120  

No Longer Chartering IN NYC



Past President


Director / Webmaster


Outdoor Writer

NJ Angler

Outdoor Writer

Boating on the Hudson


Webmaster...Hudson River Fishermen's Association ... 501C-3 Non Profit Organization working to protect and restore the Hudson River and the NY Watershed.  "Fight for the Hudson."   


6-17-2005   Helicopter Crash in the East River NYC  Chas Stamm & Joe Curvino to rescue 

       Heroes Day Yankee Stadium


Fishing Locations

Hudson River

East River Jersey Offshore Florida
Mexico Costa Rica Belize Alaska


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Canada Too!